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Welcome to Coral's bingo page, one of the most popular bingo sites UK-wise. On our dedicated bingo page, you can access our complete range of online games, from our much loved themed bingo rooms – such as our popular free bingo room Allsorts - to our great range of slot games our bingo players can't get enough of! Why not take advantage of our interactive schedule, which allows you to organise your relaxing day of online bingo action. Each room on our bingo schedule includes information about bingo ticket prices, time left to enter, the amount of players who have entered and the total prize pot available. Simply click on a game you are interested in and you will be taken straight through to the bingo lobby. Our interactive schedule is based at the centre of this page. You also have access to all of our exclusive slot games from our bingo lobby, which take their place alongside old favourites such Rainbow Riches and Clover Rollover. Life-changing money is just around the corner with progressive jackpots often exceeding £1 million and scratchcards that contain impressive jackpot prizes. If you are looking for the ultimate bingo experience then this page contains everything you need.

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If you love 90-ball bingo then you can find it through our dedicated bingo lobby, which can be accessed through your browser for instant play or through your mobile, tablet and laptop. 90-ball bingo is the most popular variant of bingo played in the UK, alongside other countries such as New Zealand and Australia. Tickets come in the shape of three horizontal rows and columns, with each column dedicated for multiples of 10. There are three ways of winning in 90-ball bingo. The first winner is the person who matches all their numbers on one line. The second winner is the person who matches two lines and the third winner, who is also the winner of the bingo jackpot, is the person who matches all their numbers. If you have no time for 90-ball bingo, then 40-ball bingo is a great alternative. This takes place in our dedicated Rainbow Riches bingo room. Here you can get involved with some of the best bingo in the business, with plenty of free bingo bonuses up for grabs, enhanced bingo prize pools and huge community bingo jackpots. You also get access to the extremely popular Rainbow Riches side games, often regarded as the most entertaining side game in UK bingo. So why not ditch the bingo halls, throw away those bingo dabbers and play bingo online instead with Coral?

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