Play Slingo Games at Coral Casino

Our players love the selection of bingo games on the Coral platform. Many are also enjoying a slightly different format that appeals to bingo players but introduces an exciting new twist. Our collection of premium Slingo games offers faster gameplay than traditional bingo along with a range of fun themes.

New to Slingo? Not quite sure what it is? Below we explain how this thrilling, easy-to-play game works, and detail the types of Slingo you can play online at Coral.

Introducing Slingo – Slots and Bingo Combined

Slingo was developed as an alternative to standard online bingo games and online slot machines. It combines elements of slots and bingo, hence the name Slingo.

The concept was born in the mid-90s in the USA. A New Jersey real estate developer invented the game and founded the company Slingo, Inc. Different developers acquired the brand over the past years, further expanding the Slingo world.

The series of currently available Slingo games are referred to as Slingo Originals and count dozens of titles. New games are also being regularly produced.

Slingo became a trend in the UK when the London-based gaming company Gaming Realms obtained the brand and popularized Slingo play across the market. The games have been praised particularly for their originality and playability, and are especially loved in the slot and bingo communities.

How to Play Slingo

Don’t worry if you want to play Slingo at Coral Casino Games but don’t know how. The gameplay is incredibly straightforward. As it draws elements from slots and bingo, it will feel familiar while you’re playing but you’ll also experience something innovative and refreshing.

As with bingo games, Slingo uses tickets. However, you generate the numbers by spinning the slot reel instead of marking off the matching numbers on the tickets once the balls are drawn.

A typical Slingo grid has 5 columns and 5 rows and relies on the traditional 75-ball bingo format. The single-line slot mechanic lies along the bottom of the grid, displaying five numbers each spin.

One Slingo round allows for a specific number of spins. Your goal is to mark off as many numbers on the grid as possible during allowed spins.

The appearance of special symbols and features make the games more interesting. They award opportunities to boost your bankroll beyond the standard paytable. You can expect to see various Wilds, Jokers, Super Wilds and Super Jokers, as well as bonuses like Free Spins.

You won’t be so happy to encounter block symbols. These stop you from matching any numbers on a given spin. However, these elements add to the overall experience as they increase the suspense and make the next number match feel all the more gratifying.

Special Symbols in Slingo

Slingo games include a line-up of special, active symbols. Their appearance can differ across games, depending on the theme, but their function stays the same.

  • Free Spin:  You get an extra spin when this symbol appears. The free spin can be a new opportunity for completing a slingo.
  • Joker: The Joker symbol is typically represented by the letter “J” or the Joker’s portrait. It allows you to mark off any number in the same column, making it easier to complete lines. When three Jokers appear simultaneously, they activate an instant cash prize.
  • Super Joker: As the name indicates, this is better version of the Joker symbol. Instead of allowing you to mark off boxes in the same column, the Super Joker allows you to mark off any number on the board.
  • Devil: Cheeky Devils prevent you from marking any numbers in their columns. Completing lines becomes more challenging as a result.
  • Coin: The Coin symbol triggers an instant cash prize.
  • Ball Hopper: The ball hopper is a digital illustration of the ball machine used in bingo. However, in Slingo, this item displays how many spins are left.

Different Types of Slingo Games in the UK

There were only a handful of games to choose from when Slingo first appeared. Thankfully, the suite has grown larger, and the players now have a significantly broader range of titles to play. From Slingo Stampede to Deal or No Deal Slingo, let’s summarize the different versions you can dive into.


To make the perfect Slingo game that will keep engaged spin after spin, the developers decided to incorporate themes from popular slot games. The idea became a success, with games like Slingo Reel King and Slingo Starburst winning over punters across the UK.

Borrowing slot elements allowed the creators to provide colorful visuals and stunning backdrops, keeping the players in a familiar setting. They also included bonuses and special features leaning on the gameplay of the original slot. For example, Slingo Rainbow Riches is packed with extras, including the Magic Toadstool and the Road to Riches trail.

Other compelling titles you can play at Coral include Slingo da Vinci Diamonds, Slingo Fluffy Favorites, and Book of Slingo.

Branded Games

To diversify its suite, Slingo acquired licenses to adapt many beloved television programs and series into this intriguing hybrid casino game. As a result, Coral players can enjoy creative and fun-to-play games like Friends Slingo and Britain’s Got Talent Slingo. The former was based on the global hit sitcom about a group of friends living in Manhattan, while the latter adapted the famous performance show where people show off their singing, acting, and other talents.

This collection also includes Slingo Shark Week, based on the popular Discovery Channel show, and options like The Chase Slingo and Slingo Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Besides offering well-known themes and recognizable visuals, these games also feature immersive bonuses, multipliers, extra spins, and more.

  🌟 Best Slingo Games at Coral
 ⭐ Slingo Britain’s Got Talent  🎰 Slingo Reel Extreme
 🌈 Slingo Rainbow Riches  💎 Slingo Da Vinci Diamonds
 🦏 Slingo Stampede  📖 Book of Slingo
 🏇 Slingo Racing  🐘 Slingo Fluffy Favourites

Coral Tips for Playing Slingo Online

All Slingo games use random number generators (RNGs) to determine their outcome. There is no way to predict or prompt specific results. However, there are some strategic moves you can take to increase the chances of winning.

Here are some of our top tips for playing Slingo online at Coral.

  • Try to create as many slingos as possible. A slingo is when you match numbers across a whole row, column, or diagonal line on the grid.
  • If you get a Wild or Super Wild, try to use it to complete a row, column, or diagonal line.
  • If you are not close to forming a slingo, focus on the central numbers on the grid. They can help you to match diagonals.

If possible, hold off on your multipliers. Use them late in the round to maximize your potential payouts.

Will You Slingo for the Win?

Many will agree that Slingo brings together the best parts of bingo games and slot machines. The games are simple enough to attract novices and offer action-packed features to tickle the fancy of seasoned punters.

So, what do you say? Will you embrace the new genre and put our Slingo collection to the test? Coral is home to a wide variety of Slingo themes and configurations, so it is unlikely you’ll ever become weary of them. We’ve got a Slingo for each day of the week, and there will be more where these came from!

Best of luck to you!

Slingo FAQs

What is the best strategy for Slingo?

Since Slingo is a game of chance, there is no strategy that can guarantee wins. However, there are some actions a player can take to improve their chances of success. Using Jokers wisely, for example, or saving multipliers for later.

How do you play Slingo games?

First, shop around to find a suitable Slingo game for you. Then, select the stake and start playing. On each bet, you’ll receive ten balls (spins). The aim is to match as many numbers as you can before you run out of balls. If the slot machine row reveals Jokers or Super Jokers, you’ll be in a favorable position to complete more slingos.

Who makes Slingo for Coral Casino?

The company behind the most popular Slingo games at Coral is called Slingo Originals.

Does Coral have Slingo Originals?

Yes. The entire portfolio of top Slingo games is available at Coral.

Can I play Slingo Rainbow Riches at Coral UK?

Yes. Besides Slingo Rainbow Riches, you can also play Slingo Reel King and Slingo Starburst. The Coral lobby has dozens of high-rated Slingo games, only a few clicks away.