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Premium European Roulette

Premium European Roulette Review

Playtech is known far and wide for its extensive collection of classics. Amidst dozens of competitors, they stand out by occupying a unique niche - realistic table games. If you’re looking for a game that’s the perfect example of the Playtech philosophy, look no further than Premium European Roulette.

Coral Casino noticed this gem right upon its release in 2017. Since then, it’s been a regular in our collection of RNG roulette games. So today, we intend to take a closer look at it. In this short review, we’ll pick Premium European Roulette apart. But, in the end, who knows - it just might be the best roulette game at Coral.

Game Design and Interface

Customisation isn’t something we necessarily think about when someone mentions RNG roulette. Nevertheless, Playtech somehow managed to break this elusive barrier. From the moment the welcome screen turns on, it’s clear that players are in for a smooth experience.

The default view is a standard upwards diagonal perspective of the table. Around the table and the wheel, there are various UI options. Some of them are integrated into the table, while others occupy the borders of the interface.

A split view combines the actual wheel and the interface into two screen halves. Such a feature is usually seen only in live dealer games.

Premium European Roulette is, at least aesthetically, everything you’d want in a modern roulette game. Beginners will find it easy to learn the controls, while veterans can switch from other software seamlessly. The neutral, unintrusive theme is a major contributing factor. While the layout is undoubtedly realistic, neither the sounds nor the colours are glaring. It’s Premium, but still digestible.

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How to Play Premium European Roulette

As we’ve already mentioned, Premium European Roulette is easy to play and subsequently master. The wheel itself is a classic European one, with numbers 1 to 36 and a green zero. Players can place bets on specific numbers, number ranges, and specific wheel sections. Here’s how the betting process works:

  • The player chooses the chip value and the main/side bets they want to place.
  • By clicking or tapping the Spin button, the wheel spins until the ball comes to a stop. No bets can be placed during this period.
  • If you’ve placed a winning bet, the balance will be updated. If not, the betting round begins and lasts until the Spin is pressed again.

Up to four bets can become a part of the Favourite Bets section. The betting itself is perhaps the best part of this Playtech title. With a scroll or a few taps, it’s possible to switch between the Neighbours betting layout and the regular one. Overall, we like that everything is just a few seconds away.

Extra Features

Premium European Roulette gives the player much room to experiment. It’s one of the only games where the wheel can spin both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Table colour can also be changed, which gives a nice boost to the mellow atmosphere Playtech managed to create.

However, the real crown jewel in this collection is the side bets selection. The Four is not something we’re used to seeing. Indeed, many Coral players like to cover the 0-3 area of the racetrack, so an automatic bet option is a welcome sight.

There’s also the Tier side bet, which covered the Small Series area between 33 and 27. But our favourite has to be the Final, Complete, and Half-Complete bet trio.

  • Final Bets let players pick a digit. If the ball hits a number that ends with that digit, the bet is a winning one. More than one Final Bet can be placed during a betting round.
  • Complete Bets cover everything around a number. It’s a combination of Split, Corner, Street, and Line bets.
  • Half-Complete bets are the same as Complete ones but slightly different. The concept doesn’t include Street and Line bets.

These bets are located in the More Bets section, and players can trigger them by ticking the box next to the side bet they want to place.

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Premium European Roulette just might be the finest table game Playtech has released. It checks all the boxes we expect to see from modern casino games. The lightweight interface and many betting options make it ideal to practice and learn how the game functions.

The best feature of this title has to be the unique set of bets. We’ve never seen a software provider reward players with extra chips for specific Orphelins and Voisins du Zero numbers. Try Premium European Roulette at Coral Casino, and see for yourself what the game offers.