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Penny Roulette Review

Everyone immediately thinks of glitz, glamour and big wins when someone mentions roulette. However, there’s a level of beauty in casual play and not feeling the pressure. It’s also the best way to learn the ropes of the game. Playtech had this in mind when they released Penny Roulette.

In contrast with high-roller oriented variants, Penny Roulette aims to keep things simple while staying true to original European rules. In this short review, we’ll look at what makes this game special and how it differs from other roulette versions at Coral online casino.

Game Design and Interface

From the get-go, it’s evident that Playtech went for a traditional casino atmosphere. Dark green dominates the table and racetrack, while the wheel is mahogany. Changing these colours is possible through the paintbrush icon in the top left corner.

However, even though they aimed for a more traditional look, the developers did a fantastic job integrating a modern UI. As a result, whether the game is viewed in split or table mode, it stays the same.

Players can find Clear Bets, Spin, Double and Undo right below the table. The rest of the screen is reserved for the game, without any distractions. Once a bet is placed, chips will appear in the corresponding slots.

Once a spin is complete, one can see their previous eight spins in the History panel. There’s also a simple but practical statistical overview of numbers, colours, and wheel sections in the Stats section.

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How to Play Penny Roulette

Penny Roulette follows traditional European roulette rules - there are 37 slots on the wheel (18 black, 18 red and one green zero). Therefore, the process is the same as always. Nevertheless, here’s a quick rundown of how a Penny Roulette spin works:

  • First, the player selects the chip size from the six available options.
  • Once the chips have been selected, it’s time to place the bet. Players can click on the desired fields on the table or racetrack. Depending on the bet, the exact number of chips allocated will appear in the table slots it’s supposed to.
  • The player then clicks to spin, and the wheel will rotate for a few seconds. Of course, spins can be stopped manually, too.
  • A market will appear, indicating the results. If a bet is won, players will get a small notification, and their balance will change immediately.

It’s possible to place multiple bets at a time, too. To do this, players need to access the More Bets section. Then, select the bets you wish to combine, and the game will automatically place them. Supplementing existing bets is possible, but only if the round timer hasn’t reached zero.

Extra Features

Despite being a traditional roulette variant, Penny Roulette has several extra features. The most significant is the Favourite Bets. Instead of memorising their strategies, players can save their betting patterns and access them later. Then, with just a simple click/tap, one can replace their bets instantly.

Some might not consider it a feature, but the “penny” in Penny Roulette is an innovation in its own right. Casual play is welcome and encouraged, with the lower bet limit being just £0.01. Most UK slot games are not that affordable. Another exciting perk of this game is the ability to change the spin direction of the wheel.

But perhaps the most beneficial aspect of the game is the Stats section. There, players can track the most frequent numbers, colours, patterns, and even wheel sections. Beginners can use it to analyse the gameplay and make smarter decisions.

Since Penny Roulette is available on smartphones and tablets, Playtech included some QOL features. Left-Hand Mode is reserved for players who like to spin the wheel with one hand but aren’t righties like most of us. It reverts the UI and makes everything more accessible.

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House Edge & Payouts

The house edge of Penny Roulette is 2.70%, which is in line with modern roulette variants. But, of course, this is the cumulative edge when you consider all the standard and side bets.

Admittedly, one of the main advantages of this game is its plethora of exciting side bets. Here are their names, the numbers they cover, and their payout rates:

Bet Type Covers Payout
Straight Up 1 number 35:1
Split 2 numbers 17:1
Street 3 numbers 11:1
Corner 4 numbers 8:1
Four 4 numbers 8:1
Line 6 numbers 5:1
Column 12 numbers 2:1
Dozen 12 numbers 2:1
Red/Black 18 numbers 1:1
Odd/Even 18 numbers 1:1
Low/High 18 numbers 1:1

For the Orphelins side bet, though, the situation is a bit different since several numbers are split, and the bet covers a whole section of the wheel:

Winning number(s) Players will get paid thus Player's true profit
1 35 chips (35:1) + 1 chip 35+1-5=31 chips
6, 9, 14, 20, 31, 34 17 chips (17:1) + 1 chip 17+1-5=13 chips
17 34 chips (17:1) + 2 chips 34+2-5=31 chips

The same goes for Voisin du Zero, which covers the area around the number zero at the top of the wheel:

Winning number(s) Players will get paid thus Player's true profit
4, 7, 12, 15, 18, 19, 21, 22, 32, 35 17 chips (17:1) + 1 chip 17+1-9=9 chips
0, 2, 3 22 chips (11:1) + 2 chips 22+2-9=15 chips
25, 26, 28, 29 16 chips (8:1) + 2 chips 16+2-9=9 chips


Penny Roulette seeks to usher in a new era of table games. It avoids all the high-roller buzzwords and provides quality entertainment to the average player. Playtech is so far the only provider to allow £0.01 bets on roulette, which we applaud.

Features like Left-Hand Mode, Favourite Numbers, and Stats make this one of the most user-friendly roulette games for beginners. If you want to experience the classic roulette game, register at Coral casino and start spinning!