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Premium Blackjack Review

Playtech has been a dominant force in the table games department for a while now. They’ve confirmed their leading status once again with a classy and luxurious take on the game of blackjack. Premium Blackjack checks all the boxes you’d expect from the classic game of 21, plus a lot of twists. And it’s precisely these twists that everyone’s talking about.

With an almost-non-existent house edge, exciting side bets (Pairs, 21+3), and a gorgeous interior, it just might be the best blackjack variant yet. But before we jump to conclusions, it’s worth checking what’s under the hood. So, let’s take a deep dive and see what Premium Blackjack is made of.

Game Design and Interface

Once you enter the game, you’ll be greeted by a dark green table with mahogany edges. The first thing that catches the eye is the realistic look. Even some live casino games don’t look as polished as this, which is more apparent in HD quality. In addition, the animations in Premium Blackjack are smooth and natural, avoiding the crude effects some games demonstrate.

As for the interface, it’s exceptionally player-friendly. If a player wants to make a bet, they just have to select one of the five available chip sizes and choose a bet from the menu on the side. It’s very lightweight but still highly visible. On top of this, Premium Blackjack is also very informative. For example, there’s a paytable displaying the minimum and maximum stakes for each bet, along with the payout rates. On mobile devices, the table view is landscaped for maximum visibility, but portrait view is also an option.

We also enjoyed the ambient sound in the background. However, you can still turn it off if it bothers you. Even the side bets can be turned off if the player wants a vanilla experience. This level of customisation is, without a doubt, a big plus.

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How to Play Premium Blackjack

Playtech’s Premium Blackjack is played with six decks. It allows 5 hands to be in play at the same time. After each hand is dealt, the software automatically returns the cards and reshuffles them. The gameplay itself involves many rules from the base version of the game. Still, there are some exceptions. Players cannot Split hands that are already split, but it is possible to Double after the initial Split.

Furthermore, the dealer will not check for blackjack in any situation. They will Hit - draw one more card - at 16 and Stand at 17 or more, even if it’s a soft 17. We also love that you get your Double bet back if you doubled while the dealer first drew a 10, followed by a blackjack. However, you lose both bets if they get an Ace as the first card.

Overall, the game appeals to both casual players and high-rollers. Due to the side bets (more on that in a bit), various strategies, and slight rule changes, any player can dose their fun. A series of high payouts may very well turn minor stakes into significant wins.

While Premium Blackjack retains the dynamic nature of the original variant, it cleverly uses subtle rule changes and side bets. The way we see it, even fans of regular blackjack at Coral casino will love this table game.

Extra Features

It doesn’t take a lot of time to realise that side bets are Premium Blackjack's true bread and butter. The influence of poker is evident in the Player’s Pair and Dealer’s Pair duo. These two unique bets relate to the first two cards on both sides of the table. That’s where the sub-group comes into play. Within these two bets, the player can choose from the following:

  • Perfect Pair. This bet wins if the first two cards in the player’s or the dealer’s hands are of the same suit.
  • Coloured Pair. Like the Perfect Pair side bet, this one pays out if the initial two player or dealer cards have the same colour but a different suit.
  • Red/Black Pair. The colours and suits of the pair must be different for this bet to win.

So, these three bets cover every possible outcome that might come out of the first two cards. There’s also a slight modification of the Player’s and Dealer’s Pair combo - 21+3. It also gives Premium Blackjack a cheeky poker-like feel.

Unlike its counterparts, 21+3 includes three cards - the dealer’s first and the first two drawn by the player. Together, they can form a Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Straight Flush, or Suited Three of a Kind hand.

Expect to see 10-Card Charlie, too. You might have seen it before, but it’s not that common. Theoretically, if they draw ten cards without busting the player can automatically win. It’s an unlikely, but ultimately rewarding scenario.

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When Premium Blackjack was first released, it immediately became one of the most popular casino games. There’s just something special about respecting tradition while putting a unique twist on it. Thanks to a smooth UI and HD graphics, this game flows naturally and doesn’t give the impression of an average RNG game.

By far, the most fun aspect of Premium Blackjack is the array of side bets. 21+3 and Player’s or Dealer’s Pair ooze poker influence and fit perfectly with the natural flux of blackjack. Try it out at Coral casino! Trust us; it lives up to the “premium” moniker.