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Coral racecards now include The Racing App's predictive 3D race simulations and Virtual Paddock for every race in GB and Ireland.

Race Simulations

The Racing App simulations show you how a race is likely to unfold together with key insights about the main contenders and best bets for the race.

The simulations are powered by a sophisticated computer model which uses the same statistical methodologies utilised in forecasting weather and financial markets to study past performances and apply the findings to upcoming races.

Look for the Race Simulator icon and link on racecards to view a simulation. As the simulation plays, a leaderboard with horses names and silks helps you keep track of the leaders. Throughout the simulation, each of the main contenders is highlighted in a circle as a comment is displayed providing useful insights about the highlighted runner. The Racing App's best bets for a race are displayed at the end of the simulation.

Virtual Paddock

Select the ‘Virtual Paddock' link next to each runner to access unique profiles for each runner in a race. These include the horse's merit rating plus a list of key factors influencing the horse's chance of winning. Colour coding allows you to quickly identify whether a factor's influence will be positive, negative or neutral.

Find out more at www.theracingapp.co.uk