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Slingo Shark Week

Slingo Shark Week Review

The first episode of Shark Week premiered on Discovery Channel in 1988, and it has since become the longest-running show in cable television history. That's why it shouldn't be surprising that Shark Week has made it to the reels as an action-packed release of the same name. Players can look forward to lots of excitement with even more winning opportunities.

As its name suggests, Slingo Shark Week is not just about sharks. The Slingo prize ladder further adds to the experience with mesmerising bonus games such as Shark Wheel, Break the Cage, and Shark Award. Are you ready to go underwater and swim in shark-infested waters?

Theme and Game Symbols

Coral online casino offers a diverse range of slots, and Slingo Shark Week perfectly illustrates this claim. In accordance with the game's title, the action takes place underwater, and as soon as the experience begins, players will encounter fish and sharks swimming across the screen. We also love the soundtrack. It's a scary and threatening tune, helping set up a claustrophobic atmosphere. For a moment, you'll understand the first season of the popular series was called "Caged in Fear".

The paytable consists of a well-balanced combination of low-value and high-paying symbols. Sharks make up the majority of the game icons, together with Turtles, Seagulls, Tunas, and other sea creatures. The game visual appearance is fantastic, exactly what any Slingo lover would want from a title like this. Be on the lookout for Wilds and Super Wilds, which are integral to the gameplay.

How to Play Slingo Shark Week

This shark-themed underwater adventure is set on a grid of five reels and rows. The goal of the game is to mark five numbers in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row. Doing so gets a Slingo, with at least five of them needed to award a cash payout. But that's not all, as getting a Slingo also provides an opportunity to take a shot at one of the available bonus rounds.

The first thing to do before playing any Slingo game is place a bet. Choosing a suitable stake is not easy, especially for new players. There are several factors to consider, the most important ones being the punter's playing style and budget. Despite being a medium variance title, Slingo Shark Week doesn't offer plenty of opportunities when it comes to betting. Wagering starts at £0.20, while £20 is the maximum amount of money that can be wagered per spin.

Extra Features

Slingo Shark Week has no shortage of exciting in-game features. They provide more thrills and have a massive win potential.

As we already mentioned, the goal of the game is to mark off numbers on the Slingo grid to get a Slingo. Each Slingo they get allows players to advance on the prize ladder.

Here's the list of symbols appearing on the five-by-one game underneath the grid:

  • Number - marks of its counterpart on the grid.
  • Wild - marks a number on the same column.
  • Super Wild - mars a number anywhere on the grid.
  • Blocker - only occupies a place and does nothing.

The first four Slingo rounds on the ladder provide no prizes. However, the fifth one awards a payout of 5x the bet. The six remaining rounds can deliver features of their own.

Shark Slot

Players receive seven spins, which take place on a three-by-three slot with thirty-two lines. Wilds are included, as well as symbols paying up to 5x the bet.

Break the Cage

Clicking on the cage will see the shark attack it. When it comes to prizes, punters can win up to 49x the triggering bet.

Fish Grab

Grabbing fish pays between 20x and 41x the bet.

What Did the Shark Eat?

Pick items to win payouts ranging from 20x to 40x the stake. Guess what did the shark eat, and you can claim a multiplier of 3x to enhance the maximum winning to 120x your bet.

Shark Wheel

In this round, players can win up to 360x the bet or a boosted variant of a low-tier bonus.

Shark Award

Sharks pick random money bags to provide winnings ranging from 150x to 790x the stake.


Slingo Shark Week delivers a delightful experience. We enjoyed the game appearance, especially as there is shark footage from the popular show. Also, reaching the game features without paying for additional spins is difficult. However, purchasing spins can be costly, so we suggest having a strategy before playing the game. Swimming with sharks has never been so fun. Visit Coral casino today and give Slingo Shark Week a go.