Cash Out My Bet

Get On. Tune In. Cash Out.

‘Cash Out' puts YOU in complete control. When your bet is at the heart of the action, Cash Out gives you the option to collect your winnings BEFORE an event has finished.

How does it work?

Wherever you see a bet with the symbol you have the freedom and flexibility to take a return when YOU want to. With Cash Out you are just a click away from your winnings.

  • If your bet is WINNING and you want to take the money and run,
  • If your bet is LOSING and you want to claw back some of your stake,
  • If you're sat on a Multiple Bet that is showing a profit before the last leg has played out, use for a guaranteed return no matter what happens!

You decide. Take your money, or take your chances?

Let's say…

You back Barcelona to win 2-0. They go 2-0 up inside 20 minutes.Do you sit on your bet and hope for no more goals, or do you Cash Out and take your winnings?

You back Andy Murray to win Wimbledon. He gets to the final, but now faces Novak Djokovic. Do you keep your fingers crossed for an upset, or do you Cash Out and take your winnings?

You've placed a four-match acca over the weekend, the first three all win. Do you risk it all on the final match, or do you take your money and run?

Your Cash Out button sits at the bottom of you Betslip. We will ‘do the math' and display exactly how much you are due to collect. So your choice is dead simple and just a single click away.

cashout screen 1

Still not sure? Partial Cash Out gives you the best of BOTH worlds!

If you're still ‘on the fence' about what to do, why not Cash Out a part of your bet and let the rest of it ride!

Partial Cash Out lets you collect some of your winnings, BUT leave a bit of your stake on – so you can lock-in a profit, whatever the outcome.

Just use the slider to choose how much of your winnings you want to Cash Out. You can collect anything from 10% to 90%. The rest will stay on your original selection. We'll do all the calculations for you and your Cash Out Betslip will show you exactly how much you stand to collect. When the Cash Out button turns from orange to gold, your bet is in profit.

So all YOU need to do is decide how big a return you want!

Your winnings are just a click away.

cashout screen 1

What can I bet on using Cash Out?

We offer a wide range of markets Football markets. Plus Rugby, Tennis, Darts and Snooker match betting.


  • Match Betting – Next Team to Score – Correct Score
  • Half-time/ Full-time – Both Teams to Score – Double Chance
  • 1st Half Result – 1st Half Correct Score – 2nd Half Result
  • 2nd Half Correct Score – 1st Half Double Chance – 2nd Half Double Chance
  • Both Teams to Score in Both Halves – Both Teams to Score in 1st Half – Both Teams to Score in 2nd Half
  • Number of Teams to Score – To Score in Both Halves – To Score in 1st Half – To Score in 2nd Half


  • Match Betting - Set Betting – Set Winner


  • Match Betting


  • Match Betting
  • Highest 1st 6 Over Totals


  • Fight Betting
  • Method of Victory


  • Match Betting

Do I have to Cash Out during a match?

No. You can Cash Out at any time after you've placed the bet. This goes for Pre-Match or In-Play Single and Multiple bets. Just click on the Cash Out or Partial Cash Out button, then confirm that you agree the Cash Out agreement (another click). Then BOOM! Your winnings are in your account.

Once your Cash Out is confirmed, your bet is considered settled. Whatever happens during the rest of the match will not change your pay out. So for example, let's say in a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid…

  • After 60 minutes, Barcelona are 1-0 down. Barcelona are quoted 10/1 to win…
  • After 70 minutes, Barcelona go 2-1 UP! And now quoted 1/4 to win…
  • After 80 minutes, Real equalise and the match ends 2-2 draw.

If you'd stuck £10 on Barcelona (at 10/1) In-Play after 60 minutes, you could've Cashed Out in the 71st minute (at 1/4) for £74.85).

Your stake is always included in the Cash Out figure, this will not be returned separately.

Wealth Warning: You should never place a bet with the sole intention to Cash Out, because we cannot guarantee the feature will always be on offer. All bets will stand whether Cash Out is available or not.

Having problems?

If you can't Cash Out, it might be because:

  • You haven't accepted the Cash Out My Bet agreement. You need to click on this button the first time you Cash Out a bet.
  • The bet you want to Cash Out was placed using a free bet.
  • One or more of the selections are part of another offer.
  • One or more of the selections is not eligible for Cash Out.
  • Cash Out is not available at the time.

Can I see which bets I have Cashed Out?

Of course. You can keep on top of all your Cashed Out bets in your My Account section. Just go to:

MY ACCOUNT > BET HISTORY > select CASHED OUT from the dropdown menu > enter DATE RANGE > DISPLAY RESULTS. Your Cashed Out bets will have an orange dot next to the date.

cashout screen 1

Online Terms & Conditions

  1. Cash Out My Bet allows the opportunity to fully settle or partially settle a bet at the displayed value ("Cash Out Offer") before the market is resulted. Available online and mobile.
  2. Bets will not be placed with the sole intention to Cash Out, as availability is never guaranteed.
  3. Single and Multiple bets placed both pre-match and in-play are eligible to Cash Out.
  4. Cash Out My Bet is only available on bets where all selections placed are from eligible markets.
  5. A Cash Out offer is subject to a time delay; price changes or market suspensions during this time may result in a new Cash Out Offer being made, or in the suspension or removal of the Cash Out Offer on that selection or market at that time.
  6. The Cash Out offer considers the following factors:-selection, prices taken, current bet status.
  7. Once a successful Cash Out message is returned for a full Cash Out, the bet is settled immediately and deemed final. No further event outcome will contribute to that bet.
  8. When a bet is partially Cashed Out, part of your bet is settled and any subsequent events will only impact the part of your bet that has not been Cashed Out.
  9. Cash Out My Bet is subject to a maximum Cash Out cap of £50,000 per bet whether Cashed Out in full or Partial Cash out increments. All offers are inclusive of stake.
  10. Partial Cash Out allows you to Cash Out in 10% increments, with the minimum Cash Out value being 10% of total offered and the maximum value being 90% of total offered.
  11. Bets that qualify for bonuses such as Lucky 15/31/63 will not have the bonus applied in addition to the Cash Out offer. Cash Out acceptance is final.
  12. Bets placed that qualify or contribute to any other offer including enhanced price specials are not eligible to Cash Out and will not appear under the Cash Out tab.
  13. Bets where a free bet has been used as part or full payment are not eligible to Cash Out and will not appear under the Cash Out tab.
  14. Coral reserve the right to amend, suspend or remove Cash Out My Bet availability at any time on any market or to any customer.
  15. In the event of an error in our pricing, the affected selection/s may not be Cashed Out. If Cash Out My Bet has been accepted in error, then the Cash Out transaction will be made void and the original bet will be settled on the final result with the correct prices applied to the bet.
  16. Where an error results in an incorrect amount being offered that is subsequently Cashed Out, then the Cash Out transaction will be made void and the original bet will be settled on the final result with the correct prices applied to the bet.
  17. If further attempts are made to place bets or cash out on markets that are affected by an error before the error is corrected, then the Cashed Out amount and the stakes will be made void.