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Jumanji™: The Bonus Level Live

Jumanji™: The Bonus Level Live Game Show Review

Jumanji™: The Bonus Level Live is a live game show based on the popular Hollywood movie series. It is a truly cinematic gaming experience that offers players the chance to win big prizes while they are transported into the heart of the Jumanji world.

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The game features two wheels, six different bonus games, and a special round involving the Jewel of Jumanji. The bonus games include Rhino Run: Cash Collect™, Wild Spin, Snake Bite, Jungle Royale, Monkey Valley, and the Path of Jumanji.

Bonus Games

Rhino Run: Cash Collect™

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In Rhino Run: Cash Collect™, players select one of three paths, ahead of the Rhino Run! Each path contains six slots and during the game either Multipliers, Jewels, or Cash Collect™ coins fall into these, during seven rounds!

Path of Jumanji

Players can choose one of four figurines – the blue Monkey, the purple Crocodile, the red Elephant, or the green Rhino. Each figurine is associated with a die of the same colour. The result of each die’s roll shows which figurine should move and how many steps it can take. The ultimate goal is to reach the middle of the board!

Wild Spin

Jumanji The Bonus Level Live Wild Spin - -

The Wild Spin is a smaller money wheel sporting all your favourite Jumanji characters and animals! See if you can catch the Hippopotamus, with the biggest payout of x40!

Snake Bite

In Snake Bite, five custom cards with Baskets, Antidotes, and Snakes are dealt. Pick three positions and try to avoid that pesky snake who is ready to bite! Try to catch three Antidotes for the largest Multiplier of x40! And snakes must be avoided as they do not give any Multipliers at all.

Jungle Royale

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Select one of two gamepads to fight with the evil character Van Pelt! He has a limited number of health points in the health bar... Toss stones, boomerangs, and bananas at him to bring his health down! If two gamepads together will remove all health points, you receive an extra ×10 Multiplier, added to the final score.

Monkey Valley

In this bonus game, the monkeys are attacking the bridges! Choose one of three bridges, hoping that it won’t break! Each bridge has a certain risk of being broken – low, medium, and high. High-risk bridges provide the biggest Multipliers, up to x32.

Special Feature

The Saving Jumanji feature is triggered in two ways: from the main game, and from the bonus games ‘Path of Jumanji’ and ‘Rhino Run: Cash Collect€’. Saving Jumanji can provide very high Multipliers, up to a maximum of x5000! There are two levels to this feature, the Saving Jumanji bonus and the Saving Jumanji: The Next Level bonus.

Jumanji™: The Bonus Level Live is a thrilling and exciting game that is sure to appeal to fans of the movie series. It offers a variety of bonus games and features that can lead to big wins. If you are looking for a truly immersive and cinematic gaming experience, then Jumanji™: The Bonus Level Live is the game for you.

Here are some features of Jumanji™: The Bonus Level Live:

  • Exciting and immersive gameplay;
  • Variety of bonus games and features;
  • High potential payouts;
  • Cinematic presentation.

Overall, Jumanji™: The Bonus Level Live is a great game for players of online casino who are looking for an exciting and immersive gaming experience.