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You could win a Jackpot in one of eight Bingo rooms every day on Coral Bingo.

Get dabbing in one of eight Bingo rooms and you could win a Jackpot in each. When you win a Bingo Jackpot it’s something for you and your comrades to celebrate, because most Jackpots are shared between the winner and the rest of the players with tickets for the winning game.

Fixed Jackpots are a preset value and can be triggered when a player calls a Full House within a certain number of Ball Calls, which is displayed within the room.

Progressive Jackpots work like Fixed Jackpots, but they increase in value over time based on players stakes on tickets within the room.

Timed Jackpots can be either Fixed or Progressive, the difference here is that they are triggered at random and are guaranteed to drop within a specified time frame.

In the Bargain Room you can claim the Progressive Jackpot prize by calling a Full House in 32 Ball Calls or less. If you manage to claim it, half the Jackpot prize will go to you and the other half is shared equally between everyone else with a ticket in that game. The minimum Jackpot prize is £2,500 and progressively gets bigger as more tickets are bought.

The Arena room is also a 90 Ball Bingo room with a Progressive Jackpot and is the Big Brother to the Bargain room. Here you can find a Jackpot worth at least £5,000 which you can grab when you call a Full House in 32 or less Ball Calls.

Just like the Arena and Bargain Rooms, Level 80 also releases the Progressive Jackpot on a Full House in 32 Ball Calls or less, with the Jackpot Prize starting at £2,923. The biggest difference here is that you are playing 80 Ball Bingo.

The Progressive Jackpot in this 75 Ball Bingo room will drop to players who call a Full house in 33 Ball Calls or less. There is no minimum guaranteed prize however the prize amount has been seen to get over £5,000!

30 Ball Bingo or Speed Bingo is the place to be for fast-paced action and if you can call a full house in 9 Ball Calls you will win the Progressive Jackpot starting at £500! 9 Ball Calls might sound easy at first, but 30 Ball Tickets have only 9 numbers. Can you keep up?

In the Coronation Street room, you’ll find a plethora of Jackpots up for grabs which are guaranteed to drop every hour, day, week and month... as well as the Yearly Jackpot, Golden Cobbles Jackpot and Standard Progressive Jackpot.

  1. Hourly Jackpot: £25
  2. Daily Jackpot: £150
  3. Weekly Jackpot: £300
  4. Monthly Progressive Jackpot: £5,000
  5. Yearly Jackpot: £20,000
  6. Standard Progressive Jackpot: £5,000
  7. Golden Cobbles Jackpot: £705
    • Any Number: £5
    • Any Line: £50
    • Any 2 Lines: £150
    • Full House: £500

Themed on the popular TV show, players can win additional prizes within the Deal Or No Deal 90 and Deal Or No Deal 75 rooms. Apart from the main feature in these rooms, there is also a Progressive Jackpot that can be won.

In the Deal Or No Deal 90 room you can win a minimum of £5,000 when you hit a Full House in 33 Ball Calls or less.

You can also win a minimum of £3,000 with a Full House in 43 Ball Calls or less in the Deal Or No Deal 75 room.

Coronation Street
Level 80
Five Star
DOND 75 440x260
Deal Or No Deal 75
DOND 90 440x260
Deal Or No Deal 90


What: Bingo Jackpots up to £20,000

When: Anytime in selected rooms

How: Buy tickets in the selected rooms