The Football Jackpot

The Football Jackpot

64.1 Pool Operation

The Football Jackpot is promoted and operated by Coral on 15 pre-selected football matches ("Pools") as advertised and available in Coral Shops and on the Coral website ( ("Coral Website"). The matches are played over the standard weekend period which is normally Saturday to Monday inclusive. Coral may also on occasions choose to operate the Pool for midweek fixtures at its discretion, which will be advertised where appropriate.

64.2 How to place your entry

Each Customer must be aged 18 or over to participate and is required to:

  • Make a selection (home win, draw, or away win) for all 15 matches on an entry slip as provided in the Coral Shops. Permutations are accepted with more than 1 selection per match although this will increase the cost of the entry. To calculate the total cost of a permutation entry, multiply the number of selections on each match together. For example, if two results such as ‘home win' and ‘draw' are selected in three matches and one result in all other matches then this permutation will cost 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 unit stakes (i.e. £8 for £1 stakes)
  • Indicate their selection(s) on each match by striking through the box representing home win, draw, or away win as indicated on the front of the entry slip

The unit stake and minimum bet is £1. Permutations are accepted in whole £1 units only. Entries or permutations of less than whole £1s such as £1.25, £2.50 are not accepted.

‘Lucky dip' entries are accepted for a minimum stake of £1. If you request a ‘lucky dip' entry the Pool software shall select an entry for you at random.

All bets must be placed before the advertised ‘Pool closure' time, which is the first scheduled kick-off time of the 15 matches on the entry slip. Any entries inadvertently accepted after the Pool has closed will be declared void with stakes refunded.

All entries must either be submitted on official Coral Shop entry slips or through the Coral Website application for acceptance into the Pool. Entries written on shop plain slips cannot be entered into the Pool and if accepted in error will be settled as fixed odds accumulators on all selections at the respective match prices available in shop at the time of acceptance.

64.3 How to win the Pool

Customers that correctly select:

  • the match result (home win, draw, or away win) of all 15 matches to win a share of the Jackpot Pool; or
  • the match result of any 14 of the 15 matches to win a 1st consolation dividend; or
  • the match result of any 13 of the 15 matches to win a 2nd consolation dividend; shall be eligible to receive a share of the prize pool ("Winners").

64.4 Settlement of matches

All matches will be settled on the official result after 90 minutes of play, including any ‘injury time'. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs shall not be included.

64.5 Prize Fund Calculation

The "Jackpot Pool" will be available to share amongst Winners in the form of dividend which shall be calculated to a £1 unit stake as follows:

  • Total entries staked (the "Gross Pool")
  • LESS the Pool deduction of 30%
  • EQUALS 70% of Gross Pool (the "Net Pool")
  • DIVIDED by number of winning entries (the "Prize Share")

For illustrative purposes only: if there is a Net Pool of £500,000 then £350,000 will be allocated to the Jackpot Pool. If there are 10 winning entries then each one will receive a Prize Share of £35,000.

Where the Jackpot Pool is won for less than a full £1 unit stake, the dividend will be declared to a £1 unit stake with the Prize Share(s) calculated pro rata to the unit stake of the respective winning entry. The residual amount will rollover to the next available ‘Football Jackpot' pool.

For illustrative purposes only: in the above example if there are two winning entries qualifying for the £350,000 Jackpot Pool, one a 25p unit stake permutation with the other for 50p, the Winners will receive Prize Shares of £87,500 and £175,000 respectively with the residual £87,500 rolling over to the next available ‘Football Jackpot' pool.

In the event of a rollover, where there is no jackpot Winner, only new stakes placed in the next Pool will be subject to a Pool deduction. There will be no further deduction from the rollover of the Jackpot Pool.

  • 70% of the Net Pool will be allocated to winners of the Jackpot Pool
  • 20% of the Net Pool will be allocated to the 1st consolation winners
  • 10% of the Net Pool will be allocated to the 2nd consolation winners

All dividends are rounded to the nearest 10pence (e.g. 1-5p rounded down, 6-9p rounded up).

All dividends are rounded to the nearest 10p (e.g. 1-4p rounded down, 5-9p rounded up).

The minimum dividend regardless of winning entries will be £1.10.

The winner of the Jackpot Pool does not receive any further payment for 14 correct entries. Similarly, a winner of a 1st consolation dividend does not receive any further payment for 13 correct entries.

In the event of a failure for whatever reason, which prevents the declaration of a dividend, the stakes of the Pool(s) concerned may be refunded (except for any rollover added to the Pool from the previous week(s), which will rollover to the next available weekend Pool (unless otherwise indicated by Coral).

There is no maximum pay-out as all dividends are subject to the pool liquidity.

64.6 Rollovers

If any of the weekend Jackpot Pools are not won, then those monies will be carried forward to the next available weekend Net pool in their entirety unless otherwise notified. In the event that a midweek or alternative pool is offered which also results in a rollover, details of the Pool to which those monies will be carried forward will be displayed in our shops and on in advance of the corresponding fixtures.

Where a Pool containing English Premier League fixtures has a rollover on the final day of operation in the season, this will rollover to the first weekend of the following season when English Premier League fixtures are scheduled unless otherwise indicated.

64.6 Rollovers

If any of the specific Jackpot Pools are not won, then those monies will be carried forward to the next corresponding Jackpot Pool in its entirety unless otherwise notified ("Rollover").

For illustrative purposes only using the same example as above: if there is a rollover of £100,000 and the next corresponding pool has new net stakes of £200,000 (after the 30% pool deduction), the total new Net Pool allocation will be calculated as follows:

Jackpot Pool = £100,000 rollover + 70% of £200,000 new net stakes = total £240,000
1st Consolation = 20% of new net stakes = total £40,000
2nd Consolation = 10% of new net stakes = total £20,000

64.7 Abandoned or postponed matches

For the ‘FOOTBALL JACKPOT' product, if one or more fixtures are cancelled before the kick-off of the first scheduled match, only monies entered in to that week's pool will be allocated to the Jackpot Pool. All Rollover funds from previous weeks will be carried forward to the next available ‘Football Jackpot' pool where all fixtures take place.

64.8 Pool Seeding

Coral at its discretion may choose to underwrite the pool at any time to a minimum guaranteed return to either a single Winner or as a total Jackpot Pool.

64.9 Incorrectly completed entries

The customer is responsible for ensuring that their entry is submitted correctly as once accepted into the Pool it cannot be cancelled or amended. Any entry inadvertently accepted with too few or too many selections will be included in the total gross prize Pool with no monies refunded.

In circumstances where a human or technical error results in the acceptance of an incorrectly staked or otherwise unintended entry which is not subsequently paid for at the time of acceptance or before pool closure, we reserve the right to implement a manual adjustment to the Gross Pool for the said amount prior to calculating the Net Pool and associated Prize Share.

64.10 Payment of winning entries

Following the completion of the final match(es) in each Pool, Coral will perform all necessary checking and validation to establish winning entries and calculate the respective prize share for each winner.

The Prize Share will be displayed in Coral Shops and on at noon on Monday for Pools that conclude with Matches on the previous Sunday and at noon on Tuesday for Pools that conclude with Matches on the previous Monday.

Winning entry slips remain valid for payment for an indefinite period, providing the barcoded receipt remains system-identifiable.

Coral reserves the right to pay the whole or part of any prize share to a winner by cheque or bank transfer. As part of this payment process customers may be asked to provide an acceptable proof of identity before any payment is made.