Poker Dollars

Our New
Virtual Currency

Now Available to be used on Cash Tables

18+. General T&C's apply.

Our new Virtual currency has arrived.

Key details:

We’re introducing Poker Dollars!

What are P$?

Our new virtual currency offers you the chance to play in cash tables!
P$ allows you to use your virtual currency on cash tables also.

P$ can be used in any online MTT, satellite, SPINS or Sit & Go, & our amazing cash tables.*

Poker Dollar summary:

  • Usable for any live or online poker tournament.
  • Flexible spending, choose where you want to use them, you are not limited to tournaments anymore
  • Access to exclusive Poker Dollar Satellites.

Times are changing, and so is our virtual currency with our new P$ satellite programme.

How will payouts work?

Payouts will work the same as before, but winners will be paid in Poker Dollars.

Example: Tournament Dollar Sat: 10 x $100 Gtd

The top 10 finishers will receive P$100, with additional P$100 prizes paid out for every $100 in the prize pool. Any remaining prize pool under $100 would be paid out as a single prize, also in P$.

What are the benefits?;

Flexibility – players can use their P$ to play in live and online tournaments as and cash games.

Poker Dollars key facts

Can be used in any online MTT, satellite, SPINS or Sit & Go, LIVE Events and Cash games

Poker Dollars cannot be sold, transferred or exchanged for cash.

*Head’s up cash tables not included


What: Our new virtual currency

When: Already live!

How: Check your player menu on the software to check your P$.