Anonymous Tables

Coral Poker is proud to announce our newly launched anonymous tables.

If you like to play poker the old fashioned way, by playing the cards in front of you and on the basis of how your opponent is playing during the current session then these tables are for you. No tracking software can be used on the tables and instead of nicknames the only way to identify a player with by a number allocated to him for the sessions.

These tables are available on No Limit games of heads-up, 6-max and full ring.

You can find our anonymous tables in the lobby under the ‘Anonymous Tables' tab.


How do I know where I'm sitting?

You'll be able to see only your alias. All other players at the table will have anonymous aliases and avatars and this is how you will appear to other players.

Can poker tracking software track my real alias on an Anonymous table?

No. Anonymous tables are completely tracker free.

Can I create notes while playing on an Anonymous table?

You can, but these will only be available during that session. Once the session ends, they will be lost.

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