Bank Holiday Escalator

Bank Holiday Escalator

The 90-ball jackpot in the Mega max room will reach £100k by 27th May and become an Escalator.

Running from Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May guaranteeing a Jackpot of £100k, which means with every day that passes they get easier to win!

The Bank Holiday Jackpot will rise one number per day at 6pm every day until won! If it is not won by 6pm Friday 31st May it will rise by 2 numbers every HOUR from then on. IT HAS TO BE WON!!

Main room – Mega max

Monday 27th May – Ball count increases to 30 at 6pm

Tuesday 28th May – Ball count increases to 31 at 6pm

Wednesday 29th May – Ball count increases to 32 at 6pm

Thursday 30th May – Ball count increases to 33 at 6pm

Friday 31st May – Ball count increases to 34 at 6pm and increases by 2 every hour thereafter until won!

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Terms and Conditions

  1. customers over 18s only.
  2. Promotion running from 27/05/13 to 31/05/13 and limited to valid account holders buying tickets in the Mega max room.
  3. For Full Terms and Conditions click here.