Daily 10K Escalator Jackpots


Celebrate in style on the build up to Christmas in the Mega Max Room between the 1st and 24th of December where the daily guaranteed Jackpot will be £10k.

The generous Jackpot Escalator will increase its ball calls by 2, every hour from 3pm. Once the daily £10k is won, the ball count will drop back to 29 until 3pm the following day when it will begin to escalate again.

The final game of the night will be played at 11:54pm guaranteeing the icy £10,000, if this has not been won beforehand.

The presents don't end there, to wrap up the promotion there will be a joyful £20,000 up for grabs on Christmas Eve. The game will begin at 3pm guaranteeing £20k before midnight, giving you just enough time to jump into bed before Santa sees you.

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