1000 Chances to Win £1000

1000 Chances to Win £1000


From 1st October to 31st October there will be £1 Million in prizes to give away! What's more, you can now play wherever, whenever via mobile so you never miss a chance to win!

Playing is surely worth a shot, giving you 1,000 chances to win £1,000 with two game types.
There's the triple chance games - For each line, two lines and full house prize won, £1k will be paid out - that's £3,000 game worth!! AND a game with £100 one line, £200 two lines and £1000 full house prize.

Main Room - Mega Max Room

TimePrizeGame Payout
1000 ChancesOn The Hour

Between 10am - 5pm!
£1,3001 Line - £100

2 Line - £200

Full House - £1,000
More Frequently

6.30 - Midnight!
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8pm£3,0001 line - £100
9pm2 line - £1,000
10pmBuy Tickets NowFull House - £1,000

Coral Bingo hope you have a fantastic start to the month, wherever you are! And with a million reasons to play Bingo on Coral this October, we hope to see you real soon!

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